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Doctor Looi Kok Poh, a leading hand wrist surgeon who is well-respected by his peers due to his knowledge & skills in the field of Orthopedics, as well as his great passion when doing his work as a reconstructive microvascular surgeon.


We use our hands for just about everything, from eating, writing, drawing, typing, bathing, dressing and more. Hand and wrist medical conditions and injuries can cause pain, reduced range of motion and mobility or even long-term problems if not treated.

That is why whenever you experience pain or discomfort when trying to use your hands, either due to an injury or a medical condition like arthritis, you need to seek immediate medical treatment from a professional orthopedic surgeon likeDoctor Looi Kok Poh.

Doctor Looi is a renown Singapore based hand surgeon with over 20 years’ experience and 6,000 successful surgeries under his belt. Dr. Looi and his expert team of professionals build a surgical treatment plan that is tailored to meet your unique needs and lifestyle.

Here are some orthopedic surgical procedures performed by Dr. Looi:

• Wrist Fractures, Strains, and Sprains
Wrist fractures can occur in the carpals, ulna, and radius of the wrist. Most of these fractures occur when you experience a forceful hit, an impact from a fall, car accident or a sports injury. Bones can also break due to osteoporosis, a medical condition that causes them to become weak or brittle.

These conditions need to be appropriately cared for by a qualified hand surgeon who will evaluate each fracture, taking into consideration various factors and diagnostics to develop the best treatment plan.

• Joint Surgery for Treating Arthritis
If you are experiencing chronic pain that is as a result of arthritis or injury, leading to a decrease or total loss of your hand’s function, then a joint surgery might just be the solution for your problem. A qualified hand surgeon can supplant or stabilize the affected joints using metal or plastic components. The results of this surgical procedure are increased functionality, improved look of the deformed joints and decreased pain.

• Nerve Compression Surgery
Whenever the nerves in your hands or wrists become compressed between tendons, ligaments or bones, the subsequent pain and inflammation can be debilitating. A hand surgeon can surgically release the compressions on the nerves that are causing pain, tingling sensation or numbness.

• Carpal Tunnel Release
This is a medical condition characterized by numbness, weakness, tingling or pain in the hand or fingers. These symptoms are due to the compression of the median nerve found in the wrist. The carpal tunnel release surgical procedure cuts through the carpal tendon to create extra space for the nerves and all nearby tendons.

• Dislocation Repair /Hand or Wrist fracture
Severe fractures in your wrist or hand may sometimes require a hand wrist surgery to implant wires, plates or screws to hold the broken bone pieces in place to aid in proper healing.

• Trigger Finger Release
This is a condition where a finger gets stuck in one position when it is bent and makes a popping sound when straightened out or returned to its normal position. When this condition comes about in the thumb, it is called a trigger thumb.

Trigger thumb/finger occurs when the ligaments become swollen. In severe cases, the trigger finger may become locked. A trained surgeon will release the pressure of the compressed tendons through a surgical procedure which can help stop the condition.

• Wrist Fusion
In the event of a deformity or severe injury, a wrist fusion might be the most effective form of treatment. Wrist fusion involves the total removal of the wrist joint and joining together the radius (your forearms major bone) with the carpal bones (small wrist bones) with a metal plate. Although it generally limits the wrist movement, it is effective in easing the pain.

• Dupuytren’s Contracture Surgery
This is a condition where scar tissue develops under your fingers and palm’s skin, causing the tissue near the tendons to thicken and tighten over time. The excessive scar tissue causes the finger to contract or pull inward. In some cases, this may prevent your fingers from completely straightening, which can impede your hand’s proper function. Surgical repairs for this condition include removing the excessive scar tissues to allow the tendons to move well.

Hand and wrist medical conditions and injuries are sophisticated. However, in the right hands, the treatment can go exceptionally well.

Dr Looi Kok Poh is a qualified hand specialist who has dedicated his entire life getting additional training for treating hand complications. He has the specialized knowledge, expertise and experience to diagnose and treat any wrist condition or injuries.

If you or a loved one are suffering from wrist pain, do not hesitate to book an appointment at http://doctorlooikokpoh.com.

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